Interphone F5MC Twin Bluetooth Headsets


Interphone F5MC from Cellular Line is the first Bluetooth Intercom to be released with advanced intercom features. Up to 4 F5MCs can be connected to extend intercom range to up to a mile. The frustration of hearing mysterious beep tones has been eliminated with the Text to Speech (TTS) feature of the F5MC. TTS gives audible voice indications when the intercom connects, disconnects, music plays or pauses, and when a phone call is incoming.

The F5MC TTS feature will also tell you who is calling so you can avoid answering the call if desired. The Anycom feature of the F5MC makes it easy to pair the F5MC to any other brand of Bluetooth intercom, a must have feature for any Bluetooth intercom.



 F5MC Features

  • The hi-fi stereo speakers provide great sound quality for music and intercom.
  • Each F5MC kit includes a 3.5mm audio cable for connection to non-Bluetooth audio devices.
  • A2DP stereo Bluetooth allows high quality music streams from your stereo Bluetooth device to the F5MC.
  • The remote control profile allows you to control playback remotely from the F5MC (with notifications from the headset TTS system).
  • Music functionality if further expanded with the F5MC’s built in FM radio.
  • Another industry first is the optional handlebar remote which will allow control of the headset without ever having to take hands off the handlebars.


  • ANYCOM – Thanks to this innovative function, INTERPHONEF5MC can communicate with any bluetooth intercom in full duplex mode (in order to use the Anycom feature, the pairing on the other unit must be done as a phone).
  • INTERCOM AUTO RECONNECTION – If your intercom friend goes out of range while having an intercom conversation, INTERPHONEF5MC automatically reconnects
  • SONG SHARING – Rider and passenger can share stereo music from a single MP3/audio source (via Bluetooth® or line-in).
  • TWO WAY SETTING VOLUME – Customized presets for open face and full face helmets.
  • EASY PAIRING – Pairing is possible when INTERPHONEF5MC are turned on.
  • NEW FM RADIO – Improved FM receiver, single press to search new FM stations, long press for store them.


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